RADIANT GLOBAL FUNDD is founded on the philosophy of seeking consistent and long-term results while prioritizing risk minimization and capital preservation. As a global arbitrage fund, we leverage sophisticated technology, scientific analysis, and a robust risk management framework to capture geographical opportunities that offer an attractive spectrum of risk and reward possibilities.

  • Distinguished global arbitrage fund capturing geographical opportunities.
  • Utilizes AI, scientific analysis, and a systematic framework.
  • Authorized CIS (Collective Investment Scheme) as an Expert Fund under FSC Mauritius.
  • Registered as a Foreign Portfolio Investor- Category 1 under SEBI Regulation, 2019. Custodian services from ORBIS FINANCIAL.
  • Our bankers are IndusInd Bank (India) and State Bank of Mauritius (SBM).

We offer comprehensive investment solutions tailored to suit investors' risk preferences, ensuring optimal management and high returns across various risk profiles.

Decades of Success

Operating for over 25 years with an AUM of USD 500 million

Earnings Distribution Structure

Our earnings align with our investors, ensuring Mutual success.

Foster Fixed Returns

Unlock substantial Fixed Returns and cultivate your financial prosperity